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About Sandy

Sandy has been writing about tech stuff in plain language since 1994.
He knows why your computer does that weird thing, and how to stop it.

Sandy is passionate about his faith, his family, strong coffee, apple pie, potatoes (all kinds), and that cool thing Apple announced recently.

In Canada, find a penny, recycle it | PBS NewsHour 

Do you have a backup?

Hard drives crash. Sometimes it’s possible to recover data from a crashed hard drive, but it’s unlikely. It can cost thousands of dollars just to try to recover your data, but you may not get anything for your trouble.

Why take chances? Everyone needs a backup. Do it today.

Einstein and Pi by Sean Carroll 

March 14 is Pi Approximation Day! To celebrate, eat a tart or a pizza (both are approximately pie) and enjoy this article about Albert Einstein and Pi.

Get classic Dungeon Keeper FREE from GOG.com! 

Critics say the classic version of Dungeon Keeper is better, more exciting, and less expensive than the new version. That last part is true for sure, since you can get the original for free this weekend from classic game site GOG.com

28 Days of Fame: The Strange, True Story of 'Flappy Bird' 

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